Full Contact

A hockey player with a bounty on his virginity. A sarcastic bartender with no time for shenanigans.

Leftwinger Anders Sorenson’s life-long focus on hockey came with a price – a price he never minded paying until reaching a crossroads in his career and meeting Dahlia Clarno. The eccentric bartender is hot, she doesn’t care about his fame, and she has no idea about the bounty his teammates have on his virginity. She’s the total package for a vacation fling.

Dahlia has no use for a man right now. She needs to be focused on paying off her failed business debts and getting out of her hometown (for good this time), not mooning over a six-four hunk of Viking-sex. When Dahlia finds out about the bet, it strengthens her resolve to stay far away from Anders. But his earnest smile and surprising smolder are hell on her resistance.

Anders wants to turn over his v-card to Dahlia, and he thinks he can trust her. Dahlia knows about the bounty, and the feelings she’s developing for Anders would make it wrong for her to cash in. Besides, it’s not like this vacation fling could ever turn into something more. . .

Biker B*tch

He's the President of the Heaven’s Sinners MC. She once begged him to take her virginity—and now she's back in town.

Travis is more than willing to make it up to Skylar, but she wants nothing to do with him. Too bad, because as a grown-ass lady, Skylar is everything he’s ever wanted. On the other hand, she brings up feelings—and troubles with the local outlaw MC—that he thought were long buried. Now the only question is whether he can keep her safe long enough to win her back?

When resistance turns to action, love always wins. Seven new romances for readers who love as hard as they believe.


Brand New Bike by Andie J. Christopher

Jake Lieberman is incensed that billionaire Michael Garcia is going to join the president's council on technology. But when the tech mogul unexpectedly agrees to defend himself on Jake's podcast, sparks fly and the two men decide to team up inside the bedroom--and possibly out.

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